Obsidian Portal — I love it to pieces
Obsidian Portal — It makes me want to claw my eyes out.

I needed to try to organize for myself all the wisdom from the forums about living with the reforged portal e.g. the CSS stuff. “Hey!” I thought. “This really needs a wiki. What of the myriad wiki homes should I use…. Oh!”

Thus was born the “Ascending the Reforged Portal” pseudo-campaign. Using the tags and such seemed a great way to make it easy to do cross reference. As time went by, though, I decided to also roll-in my take on the design/implementation, with criticisms and suggestions.

Other people are welcome to contribute to this! Just Ask to join the great adventure of

Ascending the Reforged Portal… of Doooom!

Go here for the CSS stuff.
Site design / criticism is organized starting with the Main Page.
General bloggy stuff on this is in the Adventure Logs.
And if we want to converse about it, why check out the forums.

Please check out my other waste of time.
Ain’t this a great site… I just…. love it.

Ascending the Reforged Portal