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One critical service of Obsidian Portal is to allow users to sift through the vast number of Campaigns and allow the campaign creator a chance to be found during said sifting. The current Campaign Locator page is broken to the point of uselessness unless you wanted to see promo marterial for the last few Campaign of the Months. The viewer has to scroll to see any results at all or navigate amongst them.

The page has a Nonspecific Page Title: Recommendation:“Obsidian Portal – Campaign Locator”.
It has the Top Bar
It has an OP Site Navigation Bar.

Error: It uses far too much real estate on the Campaign of the Month promo, not germane to most uses of the page, particularly if the COTM has a separate entry in theOP Site Navigation Bar. Recommendation: Give a reference to this month’s COTM in the left hand side bar, bottom, perhaps with a label of " Featured Campaigns" above the title (and if present banner) of the most recent. This should directly link to the Campaign of the Month site page.

Display Title: Recommendation(s): It takes up too much room. For consistency I would promote the same style used by default for the campaign site pages.

Campaign Locator Filters — Look here to understand why I think its broken.

The Locator Results: This presentation must balance the desire to give lots of info about the campaign with the need to maximize the number of campaigns on each search page.
The critical elements that a viewer wishes to see about each campaign are in (my opinion of) order of importance.:

  • Campaign name
  • Whether it is currently looking for players.
  • Campaign Status.
  • When it was last updated.
  • Location / Net play use (See filter discussion).
  • Game System
  • Fan Count
  • Campaign Flavor (Communicating the campaign’s "flavor might be crucial to whether the searcher “clicks-through” to the creator’s campaign. )
  • Player Count? (See Fan Count).
  • Campaign creator?
    Error: It currently does not include the critical “Looking for players”, status, location at all.
    Error: Inappropriate place to ask “Become a Fan”.
    Recommendations: The use of the watermark for the Game system is redundant and a visual distraction. Allow a compact (tabular?) representation of the search results if the viewer has requested more results per page. Omit the creator’s avatar altogether. (If I’m interested in finding a campaign based on the creator, I go to his Member Profile.) Overall text should be darker. Background tint should be constant (and lighter) over the entire entry.
    Recommendation: Include the Campaign “tag line” as part of this.
    Recommendation: Include a COTM rosette where appropriate.
    Suggestion: If a Campaign Avatar is implemented then use that as a space saving alternative to the campaign banner.

A results navigator, which suffers from Low Contrast Visibility.
Recommendation: Move this to the left side bar, under the search criteria. Include the total number of campaigns in the search result.
Suggestion: With so many “pages” of results, allow the viewer to select a particular one, by number?

(Strong) Recommendation: Drop all the footer material:

Campaign Locator

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